About FAQ

Below are several frequently asked questions. If you have an inquiry that isn't covered here, please email info@sculpture-center.org.

Where is SculptureCenter located?

Please refer to our Directions page to view an interactive Google map. You can use the map to get subway, walking, or driving directions to SculptureCenter.

Does SculptureCenter accept artist submissions?

SculptureCenter is able to view work from artists with whom we are not familiar during our annual In Practice open call. If you'd like to be notified by email when the next call is opened, please sign up for our email list. You don't need to sign up a second time if you're already on our list.

How can I donate to SculptureCenter?

There are many ways to support SculptureCenter, including our Limited Editions, becoming a SculptureCenter patron, or sponsoring an exhibition or event.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here. Your donation is completely tax-deductible.

Sculpture Center Inc. (EIN 13-1669204) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (EX119992).

If you would like to make a donation of your time to SculptureCenter, we are always accepting volunteers.

How can I view SculptureCenter's archives?

If you would like to view our archives, please email info@sculpture-center.org to schedule an appointment.

Can SculptureCenter host my event?

Certain events can be accommodated during exhibition periods: meetings and receptions for up to 150. Large banquets and receptions are generally only possible between exhibitions when the schedule allows. No food or drinks are allowed in the galleries. For inquires about space rental, please contact Jillian Scott at jscott@sculpture-center.org or 718.361.1750.

Does SculptureCenter offer classes or sell sculpture supplies?

SculptureCenter is an exhibition space, and though we at one point in our history offered classes and studio space, since our move to Long Island City in 2002, these services are no longer part of our mission.

Who designed SculptureCenter's website?

Our website was designed collaboratively by Supercosm, Claudia Brandenburg of Language Arts, and Adrienne Garbini.

Does SculptureCenter have a permanent collection?

We do not have a permanent collection. Our efforts are focused on commissioning and producing contemporary art.

Does SculptureCenter allow photography of its exhibitions?

Still photography and videotaping for personal use is permitted in SculptureCenter's galleries.

What is the history of the building that houses SculptureCenter?

SculptureCenter's space was built as a trolley repair shop for the subway system in 1907, but never used as such. In the 1940's, our building was used for the manufacture, assembly, and repair of derricks, hoist, and cranes, which our facade reflects with the original signage from that era.

How is SculptureCenter supported?

SculptureCenter is a nonprofit organization funded by grants, foundations, corporations, and individual donors. For more information on our supporters, please visit our Thanks, Mission, Board of Trustees, and Sponsorship pages.