Past Events

Saturday, November 7, 10am-12pm

First Saturdays in The Loft: Back Strap Weaving


Courtesy: Addison Walz

First Saturdays are a new series of fun Family Art Workshops in our new multi-purpose space! Artists will lead these practical sessions suitable for the whole family.

In the first workshop, Addison Walz will lead an exploration of the basics of weaving on a back strap loom. Using a variety of different fibers and experimenting with color, we will transform yarn into a band of woven fabric on a loom of ancient origins. The bands, in turn, can be sewn into jewelry, cuffs, headbands, pouches or simply be works of art.

Addison Walz is a textile designer with a focus on weaving and natural dyeing. She works on a number of floor looms in her studio in Brooklyn, making one-off textiles meant to be used in the home. Her work explores texture created by pattern, material, and natural dye techniques, as well as the value and power of a handmade object.

Suitable for children ages 6-11. Each family should be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Materials fee: $10 per child. Click here to register.