In Practice Open Call

Pictured left to right: Elizabeth Jaeger, Crystal Z Campbell, Meredith James, Tuguldur Yondonjamts.



SculptureCenter's In Practice program offers artists curatorial and financial support to create new work for exhibition at SculptureCenter. We invite artists to submit proposals for new projects to be presented in early 2018. Artists selected for the In Practice exhibition will receive a $250 honorarium and up to $2,000 in production support. The level of production support will depend on the scope of accepted works and available funding.

SculptureCenter is a not-for-profit arts institution that takes the history and legacy of sculpture as a framework from which to consider the diverse activity taking place in the field of contemporary art. SculptureCenter's program encourages artists and audiences to explore the possibilities of sculpture and the multifarious ways in which sculpture is developing and connecting to other forms of expression.

Proposal Instructions

SculptureCenter seeks proposals that offer new ways of considering sculpture or furthering the understanding of the discipline and how it can intersect with other mediums. Proposals should reflect new work to be realized between fall 2017 and early 2018. Artist proposals will be reviewed relative to the following criteria:

- Quality of the proposal and prior work
- Responsiveness in regards to the specific context of SculptureCenter
- Feasibility of the project

Proposal drawings/renderings are encouraged.

All lower-level exhibition spaces, the building exterior, the courtyard, the website, and projects outside of the confines of the building are available for In Practice proposals. Artists are encouraged to experiment with unconventional display and exhibition formats. Past In Practice projects have included objects, installations, performance, web-based works, institutional interventions, mobile apps, multiples, and publications.

There are no geographic eligibility requirements, but the budget does not provide for travel or accommodation costs.

For questions regarding the In Practice artist application, please email

Selection Process

SculptureCenter curatorial staff and a select advisory committee of artists, curators, and critics will conduct a preliminary review of proposals. A limited number of artists will be contacted for further information and/or studio visits during the fall. Submitting artists will be notified by email by Fall 2017. No calls, please.

The final exhibition is curated by a Curatorial Fellow who is selected via a separate open call that opens each spring and closes in May.

About In Practice

The In Practice program supports emerging artists and curators in creating new work for exhibition at SculptureCenter. Since 2003, In Practice has supported over 180 emerging artists with the critical resources of space, funding, time, and administrative support to help turn their ideas into reality. Exemplifying the spirit of SculptureCenter's mission, In Practice provides new ways to discover the most innovative artwork, foster experimentation, and give participants the opportunity to develop and present work in what is often their first institutional exhibit in New York City, introducing audiences to emerging talent and new ideas. Past In Practice participants include: Korakrit Arunanondchai, Fia Backström, A.K. Burns, Aleksandra Domanovic, Essex Olivares, Brendan Fernandes, Raque Ford, Samara Golden, Elizabeth Jaeger, Molly Lowe, Justin Matherly, Virginia Overton, Rachel Rose, Xaviera Simmons, and Josh Smith, among many others.

View the Open Call for Artist Proposals as a PDF here.


To avoid losing your work, we strongly recommend drafting your application in a word processing program and copying/pasting into the In Practice submission form.


View a PDF of SculptureCenter's lower level floorplan here.
View images of SculptureCenter's lower level here.
Examples of previous works presented through the program are available on our website.


Can I hand deliver, mail, or email my application?
No. All applications must be submitted using our online submission system. We are unable to accept email or paper submissions.

Does the online application have to be completed in one sitting?
Yes. You cannot save your work to return to at a later time. It is recommended you complete your answers in another document before you begin the application, and copy them into the provided fields.

Do I need to put the image caption in the actual jpeg?
There is a field for each image caption that corresponds to the image uploaded.

When I review my submission, should I be able to see the images I submitted?
No - the system will show just the names of the files and the captions.

What is the character count limit for the artist statement field of the online application form?
The artist statement field is limited to 1,250 characters.

What is the character count limit for the project proposal field of the online application form?
The project proposal field is limited to 3,000 characters.

Do the character counts include spaces and line breaks?
Yes - all characters including spaces and returns count.

What are the specifications for submitting JPEG files? How will they be viewed?
JPEGS must be named as follows: Lastname_Firstname_Number.jpg (example: Duchamp_Marcel_01.jpg). Images should be no larger than 800 pixels x 800 pixels, at 72 dpi. Images that are formatted incorrectly may not be reviewed. Images will be viewed both on a computer monitor and also projected through a video projector.

Can I submit a combination of past work and proposal images for my work samples?
Yes, whatever combination you like, up to 15 total images.

What spaces are available for proposals?
All of the lower-level project spaces, the building exterior, and the courtyard are available for In Practice proposals. SculptureCenter's website, building exterior, and projects outside the confines of the building will all be considered and are encouraged.

I am having problems submitting my application.
If you are having difficulty submitting your application, please try again. We recommend troubleshooting through different browsers, and working from a separate word processing document so that you do not lose your work. Please do not click Submit more than once.

May I submit a proposal for the SculptureCenter restrooms?
The restrooms are open for proposals.

May I submit more than one proposal?
The panel will review one proposal from each artist or artist team.

May I specify alternate locations for my proposed project?

Is the open call limited to New York-based artists only?
Artists from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply, although the budget does not provide for travel, housing, or accommodation costs.

What are the ceiling heights in the lower-level spaces?
I-beam to Floor: 106" (8'10")
Ceiling to Floor: 114" (9'6")
Vaulted Ceiling to Floor: 83" (6'11")

Can I apply as part of a collaboration or artist team?
Yes. Please designate one mailing and one email address.

What are the dates of the In Practice exhibitions?
Projects will be presented in early 2018.

How long will I have to install?
The exact dates have not yet been determined. This is subject to discussion with the staff and depends on the organization's schedule and the needs of selected projects.

Will I receive correspondence from SculptureCenter as a result of applying to In Practice?
Applicants will be added to SculptureCenter's email newsletter list. If you do not wish to receive marketing materials from SculptureCenter, please either click Unsubscribe on an email or contact us via SculptureCenter does not sell or rent mailing lists.