A Journey in Two Directions: Nanna Debois Buhl


Abe's Penny Micro-Magazine
Abe's Penny

Limited Edition Art Journal of new photography and literature featuring photography by Sanford Biggers and text by Anike Robinson.


Agnieszka Kurant: Unkown Unkown
Sternberg Press

''Do we actually want the future to be totally unlike the present, or only a little bit different?'' Polish artist Agnieszka Kurant's works raise this question and more. Some of her work invokes a world of small tricks, magic sticks, cloud busters, barking birds and exits as entrances. Other pieces examine the big picture of the future, such as global politics in the year 2020 as presented by the authoritative voice of the New York Times. Kurant meticulously prepared a future-themed issue for the paper with the help of a professional clairvoyant and several journalists. Her big-picture works speak less about the small differences of the near future than the potential for absolute difference - events after which the world might never be the same again. Includes texts by Raimundas Malasauskas, Jean-Charles Massera, Jan Verwoert and an interview by Neville Wakefield with the artist.


Anatomisk Atlas / Atlas of Anatomy

Atlas of Anatomy is an abstract interpretation of the historical anatomical reference book. The book contains 15 photographs of body parts belonging to people of different ages (5 ™ 87 years), and 133 footnotes all of which, concretely or metaphorically, describe those body parts. The text fragments are collected from medical, literary, philosophical and pedagogical sources: a line from a children's song, a description of a burial ritual and the treatment of a burn. The photographs are narrowly cropped, so the body parts appear abstracted. Like maps. Atlas of Anatomy is a journey through a collective body composed of many bodies and voices.


Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings Fernanda Laguna & Cecilia Pavon
Sand Paper Press

Poetry. Fiction. Art. Latino/Latina Studies. Translated from the Spanish by Stuart Krimko. As the Argentine economy went into freefall at the end of the last millennium, two young women - Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavon - met and became friends. Fernanda, a painter and poet who also publishes fiction under the nom de plume Dalia Rosetti, and Cecilia, a poet and translator, soon forged the radically creative partnership now known as Belleza y Felicidad. As Belleza emerged into a movement and inspired a community, Fernanda and Cecilia broadcast its ethos - "a complete program of resistance," as Cesar Aira once described it - through a prodigious output of poetry and fiction. Now a generous selection of this work is available in English for the first time. With an introduction by translator Stuart Krimko, this authoritative volume transmits the urgency and passionate feeling at the heart of one of the most exciting artistic and literary movements to emerge from South America in recent decades.


Carla Herrera-Prats: Prep Materials: Art in General New Commissions Program Vol. XIX
Art In General

One in a series of books about contemporary art projects by emerging artists commissioned by Art in General, a leading non-profit arts organization in New York.


Cercle d'art des travailleurs de plantation congolaise
Sternberg Press

Cercle d'art des travailleurs de plantation congolaise (FR/ENG), edited by Eva Barois De Caevel and Els Roelandt, offers a first report on the activities of the CATPC in Lusanga. A unique gathering of individuals, an atelier, and an experimental test garden, the CATPC is an exceptional contemporary practice for rethinking postcolonial power relations within the global art world.


Chocolate Composition
Nobutaka Aozaki
hikotaro kanehira Co-published by statements, Tokyo

Instructional recipe book for geometric compositions made out of various foil wrapped chocolate bars. Chocolate Composition is about form, ephemerality and fragility of the material, and social and political implications of chocolate.


Circus as Multimodal Discourse: Performance, Meaning, and Ritual
Bloomsbury Academic

Now available in paperback, this volume presents a theory of the circus as a secular ritual and introduces a method to analyze its performances as multimodal discourse.

The book's chapters cover the range of circus specialties (magic, domestic and wild animal training, acrobatics, and clowning) and provide examples to show how cultural meaning is produced, extended and amplified by circus performances. Bouissac is one of the world's leading authorities on circus ethnography and semiotics and this work is grounded on research conducted over a 50 year span in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

It concludes with a reflection on the potentially subversive power of this discourse and its contemporary use by activists. Throughout, it endeavours to develop an analytical approach that is mindful of the epistemological traps of both positivism and postmodernist license. It brings semiotics and ethnography to bear on the realm of the circus.


Elizabeth Jaeger


Effects Magali Reus
onestar press


False Flag

False Flag occupied a shuttered foundry that engaged in legitimate fabrication for many years, but made headlines in 2014 when former foundry owner Brian Ramnarine was convicted in federal court of forgery on an audacious scale. The name False Flag comes from the forged Jasper Johns Flag sculpture at the center of the scandal that finally brought down the enterprise.

The publication includes a text outlining Ramnarine™s rise and fall in the art world, how False Flag acquired the space, and full color photographs of exhibitions and performances by the following artists:

Maria Anwander, Brent Birnbaum, Michael Childress, Megan Cotts, Matias Cuevas, Jen Catron & Paul Outlaw, Alessandra Duarte, Alex Ebstein, Benjamin Edmiston, Emilie Gossiaux, Billy Jacobs, Asif Mian, Carol Peligian, Andrew Ross, Lauren Seiden and Cuevas Tilleard.


Hi, what are you doing? J' ...chillin' ...
Rona Yefman
Sommer Contemporary Art


Justin Lieberman

Published with Marc Jancou Gallery, New York, and Zach Feuer Gallery, New York this publication features text by Justin Lieberman, Catherine Taft, and Jacques Vidal.


Katrin Sigurdardottir: Foundation
Marsilio Editori

Art from the North: the Icelandic Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale. In her work, Katrin Sigurdardottir examines distance and memory and their embodiments in architecture, urbanism, cartography, and traditional landscape representations. When she refers to distant places from the past, she relies on modeling and shows how things become smaller from a distance and fade away into memory. She tampers with the running attitude we usually have toward the environment and reminds us of the part we play in its development. Sigurdardottir emphasizes the close relationship between senses and creativity. "When we experience a new environment," she says "we catch it as a snapshot in our mind and store it there." This play on the border of mental and material space is repeated in various and fascinating ways throughout her work.


Killed: Rejected Images of the Farm Security Administration
PPP Editions; Andrew Roth Inc. William E. Jones

Prints 130 tri-toned black-and-white images scanned from negatives in the collection of the Library of Congress. Jones's book is the first to deal exclusively with the 35mm negatives that FSA director Roy Stryker killed with a hole punch during the early years of the project (1935-39). The book brings to light destroyed or defaced photographs by Walker Evans, Ben Shahn, John Vachon, and others; it also includes two essays by Jones discussing the images and possible reasons for their suppression. Oblong 4to.; black-and-white photographs; tan cloth over boards, stamped in white; printed white label on spine. Edition of 1000 copies.


Labyrinth of Memory: Gerardo Suter
Americas Society


Les Fleurs du Mal
David R. Godine

This translation of Baudelaire's magnum opus perhaps the most powerful and influential book of verse from the 19th century - won the American Book Award for Translation. And the honor was well-deserved, for this is one of Richard Howard's greatest efforts. It's all here: a timeless translation, the complete French text, and Mazur's striking black and white monotypes in one elegant edition.


Magali Reus: Spring for a Ground / Particle Of Inch / Halted Paves / Quarters
Mousse Publishing, Milan

In the spring of 2015, Magali Reus (born 1981 in the Hague, the Netherlands; based in London) opened the first in a series of four exhibitions of new work co-commissioned and presented by SculptureCenter, New York; Hepworth Wakefield, England; Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Germany; and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy. The culmination of these collaborative projects is documented in this publication, marking an important chapter in the evolution of Reus' work.


Martha Rosler: The House, The Street, The Kitchen
Diputacion de Granada


Memorial, 53 Mosquitoes
Nobutaka Aozaki
Press for Arts

53 Mosquitoes was initially an installation the artist made in the studio at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, ME, summer 2015. During the residency, the artist kept track of each day and time that he killed a mosquito in the studio by writing next to its dead body on the wall. This book is a memorial book to the fallen, featuring drawings of each mosquito he killed. Each page corresponds to one day of the nine-week residency at Skowhegan, resulting in a document of his experience and a recreation of the studio installation in chronological order rather than spatial dimension.


Mixed Use Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices, 1970s to the Present
Lynne Cooke
MIT Press

When recession-plagued New York City abandoned its industrial base in the 1970s, performance artists, photographers, and filmmakers found their own mixed uses for the city's run-down lofts, abandoned piers, vacant lots, and deserted streets. Gordon Matta-Clark turned a sanitation pier into the celebrated work Day's End and Betsy Sussler filmed its making; the photographic team Shunk-Kender shot a vast series of images of Willoughby Sharp's Projects: Pier 18 (which included work by Vito Acconci, Mel Bochner, Dan Graham, Matta-Clark, and William Wegman, among others); and Cindy Sherman staged some of her Untitled Film Stills on the streets of Lower Manhattan. Mixed Use, Manhattan documents and illustrates these projects as well as more recent work by artists who continue to engage with the city's public, underground, and improvised spaces. The book (which accompanies a major exhibition) focuses on several important photographic series: Peter Hujar's 1976 nighttime photographs of Manhattan's West Side; Alvin Baltrop's Hudson River pier photographs from 1975-1985, most of which have never before been shown or published; David Wojnarowicz's Rimbaud in New York (1978-1979), the first of Wojnarowicz's works to be published; and several of Zoe Leonard's photographic projects from the late 1990s on. The book includes 70 color and 130 black-and-white images, a chronology of the policy decisions and developments that altered the face of New York City from 1950 to the present; an autobiographical story by David Wojnarowicz; and essays by Johanna Burton, Lytle Shaw, Juan Suarez, and the exhibition's curators, Lynne Cooke and Douglas Crimp.


Publication Studio

"Molasses is the booklet for the exhibition A LIKENESS HAS BLISTERS, curated by Leora Morinis and which features work by artist Aki Sasamoto and Agnes Martin. This booklet includes images by Aki Sasamoto and a correspondence between Sasamoto and Morinis between Spring and Winter of last year. The exhibition, open from April 29th to May 27th is on view at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College."


Nancy Rubins: Sculptures : Drawings
Paul Kasmin Gallery

Published on the occasion of an exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery.


New Methods
Ruba Katrib
Museum of Contemporary Art


Nylistasafnid The Living Art Museum
Oddi Ecolabelled Printing Company

A Retrospective: the Living Art Museum 1978-2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland.

From the start, the Living Art Museum - Nylo, an artist-run initiative, has been a key player in the Icelandic cultural society, and has cultivated its role as a forum for exhibitions and critical discourse by organizing international art events and forming connections with cultural institutions domestically and internationally.

The purpose of this volume is to assemble the museum's exhibition history, as a source book on contemporary art. Its publication lays open the museum archive and offers insight to those interested in how the museum has presented and run itself through the years. It contains basic information on the museum's mission and programs, organized primarily to allow for ease and enjoyment in looking up and locating information.

The volume is an important reference guide for all those interested in contemporary art, graphic design, museum and cultural studies.


Rachel Fullon: Braided Sun
University Art Museum, University at Albany

A fully-illustrated catalogue with essays by Todd Alden and Elizabeth A. T. Smith published alongside Foullon™olo exhibition at the University Art Museum at the University of Albany.


Sanford Biggers: Sweet Funk - An Introspective
Brooklyn Museum

New York-based artist Sanford Biggers challenges and reinterprets symbols and legacies that inform contemporary America. This exhibition, a focused selection of thirteen pieces, is Biggers' first museum presentation in New York. It also marks the Brooklyn debut of Blossom (2007), a large-scale multimedia installation that incorporates references ranging from lynchings to Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree. The book features illuminating essays by Eugenie Tsai, John and Barbara Vogelstein Curator of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum, and the noted critic Gregory Volk.


The Walker's Day Off
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther K™™

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibit Nairy Baghramian - The Walker's Day Off at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden


Three Views on Salto del Agua

Three Views on Salto del Agua is a book of three insightful essays on the architecturally based film, Salto del Agua, a collaborative project by conceptual artist Anton Vidokle and sound engineer Cristian Manzutto. The 10-minute Super 8 film focuses its lens on the facade of an unremarkable building in Mexico City ™ a public transportation station that would otherwise go unnoticed in the urban sprawl. Built in the late-sixties in the center of Mexico City, the building represents a moment in the city™s history shortly following 1968 Olympics, when idealistic hopes of 'progress' infused civic design.

The film presents a highly abstract experience of the building as a graphic system that "flattens the sinewy edifice into pure surface as sign," according to Lauri Firstenberg and Peter Zellner. Their essay "Sign as Surface" focuses on the implications of Vidokle™s depiction of modernist architecture as ornamental, decorative design as opposed to an expression of functional and mechanical imperatives as it is commonly believed to be. Gabriel Kuri's essay "Duration / Replay / Fact / Construction / Format" discusses Vidokle and Manzutto's sophisticated use of formal filmic strategies in Salto del Agua and Gilbert Vicario writes on the film's "CinematicArchitecturalTypography."


Visions of Excess: Georges Bataille
University of Minnesota Press

Since the publication of Visions of Excess in 1985, there has been an explosion of interest in the work of Georges Bataille. The French surrealist continues to be important for his groundbreaking focus on the visceral, the erotic, and the relation of society to the primeval. This collection of prewar writings remains the volume in which Bataille's positions are most clearly, forcefully, and obsessively put forward.

This book challenges the notion of a "closed economy" predicated on utility, production, and rational consumption, and develops an alternative theory that takes into account the human tendency to lose, destroy, and waste. This collection is indispensable for an understanding of the future as well as the past of current critical theory.


Lara Schnitger: It Ain't Gonna Lick Itself
Anton Kern Gallery (2005)

This publication accompanies the Lara Schnitger exhibition held at Anton Kern Gallery, New York, Sep 8-Oct 9, 2005. In conjunction with the installation Blacks on Blondes held at Triple Candie, New York, Sep 11-Oct 9, 2005. Foreward by Lisa Mark.


Charta (2006)

For the past 10 years, John Lovett and Alessandro Codagnone have been working collaboratively as Lovett/Codagnone. Their performance work and video installations explore power relations, both as manifested in explicit cultural signifiers like S/M and in clandestine or unconscious practices. Previous photography-based collaborations displaced gay subcultural signifiers into suburban environments or urban public spaces. In more recent works, the audience is confronted with an appropriation of theatrical fallout, scripted communication that makes up patterns of interaction and dysfunction within family structures. The complexity of human dynamics is explored and re-delivered, often through the distilling of a pose that demands intensity and endurance. Lovett/Codagnone™strenuous performances convey uncomfortable and complex relationships in which the only constant is ever-shifting power roles.


Mike's World
Blanton Museum of Art (2007)

Mike's World takes a tightly focused view of a single Michael Smith performance persona, "Mike," as it has developed over the course of many years and through innumerable presentation formats. The character Mike functions metaphorically as a kind of ever-hopeful Candide, adrift in a world of rapid technological advances that he seems incapable of fully comprehending, and stymied by the depersonalization and isolation that have accompanied late twentieth-century life. Ironic in its sharp personification of failure, but also hilarious and poignant, Smith's work mirrors our most human concerns about competency and comfort. Underscoring the hybrid nature of Smith's art, the works reproduced in this colorful paperback book also highlight his last decade of video and installation collaborations with artist-director Joshua White. With contributions by Michael Smith, Jay Sanders, Mike Kelley, Ingrid Schaffner and Regine Basha.


Alice Aycock, Sculpture and Projects
The MIT Press (2005)

"In Alice Aycock: Sculpture and Projects, Robert Hobbs examines the development of Aycock's work over twenty years and her negotiation-along with other artists who came of age in the early 1970s-of the transition from modernism to postmodernism."


Christian Tomaszewski
On Chapels, Caves and Erotic Misery
Kerber Verlag (2007)

"Christian Tomaszewski creates imaginary rooms in which mysterious events might happen. These rooms speak of unfulfilled dreams, wishes and longings. The project On Chapels Caves and Erotic Misery began in 2004 in the Luxe Gallery in Łódź and the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz and there are to be new versions for the Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg and finally for SculptureCenter in New York City 2007."