Presentation of An Operational Account of Western Spatio-Temporality, an edition by Miljohn Ruperto, followed by a conversation with Paul Pfeiffer 

    Thu, Jul 11, 2024, 6:30–8pm


    Join artist and author Miljohn Ruperto for a presentation in the style of a “guide” to his new booklet edition, An Operational Account of Western Spatio-Temporality, followed by a conversation with artist Paul Pfeiffer.

    An Operational Account of Western Spatio-Temporality comprises three flipbooks and an accordion-fold booklet. The booklet presents an essay that examines three forms of time as philosophized by the Ancient Greeks—aion, chronos, and kairos—to map the boundaries of and discern the influences of Western spatio-temporality. The essay serves as a guiding narrative to help readers identify the source or essence of Western subjectivity.

    Each of Ruperto’s flipbooks depicts a disembodied head in movement. “The Baroque Is a Geometric Imposition Upon Wild Nature” features the head of Medusa; “History Awaits Immanence,” the head of John the Baptist; and “Western Temporalities Incline Towards a Tripartite Structure,” a triface image of Christ. Each of these figures is drawn from classical art historical references.

    An Operational Account of Western Spatio-Temporality was designed by artist, designer, and independent curator Margaret Tedesco and published by X Projects. Purchase the booklet via X Projects now. Copies will be available on site at SculptureCenter during the event.

    Miljohn Ruperto lives and works in Los Angeles. Ruperto is interested in developing approaches to interrogating and expanding our conception of nature and history: e.g. historiography, the history of nature, and the nature of nature.

    Paul Pfeiffer lives and works in New York. Known for his highly sophisticated use of digital technologies and new media, Pfeiffer edits iconic images or found footage of sporting events, concerts, or Hollywood films to explore our culture’s obsession with spectacle and uncover its hidden psychological cost.