In Practice: Another Echo

    Elena Ailes, Simon Belleau, Nobutaka Aozaki, Cudelice Brazelton, Carey Denniston, Jules Gimbrone, Baseera Khan, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Courtney McClellan, WangShui, Carmen Winant, Lachell Workman, and Priyanka Dasgupta & Chad Marshall

    In Practice is SculptureCenter's annual open-call exhibition for emerging artists with a focus on the production of new work. Curated by SculptureCenter's 2018 Curatorial Fellow Allie Tepper, In Practice: Another Echo brings together the work of twelve artists and artist teams engaged in reshaping experiences and forms of public space. Often responding to imposed sociopolitical conditions, the artists in this exhibition project voice and language, and make use of responsive and vernacular materials. Rather than glance at the past with nostalgia, these artists share a preoccupation with the present moment: obscuring, adapting, and subverting surrounding signs and physical structures in order to witness, reinvent, and survive.

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