Print-Out #1, 2007

    Print-Out #1 was produced by SculptureCenter under the curatorial direction of resident curator Sarina Basta. Print-Out simultaneously acts as a publication and a limited edition, where the reader acts as the editor and a participant in its production. There are four components, an expansive grouping of texts from exciting contemporary artists and writers, image based works, music and readings in CD format, and Quicktime video. Readers are encouraged to print out the texts and images of their choosing.

    Print Out is organized by Sarina Basta and Paul-Aymar Mourge d'Algue

    Vito Acconci, Cory Archangel, Katia Bassanini, Olaf Breuning, John Giorno, Gareth James, Marie-Eve Jetser, Carl June, Jutta Koether, Maria Mirabel, Olivier Mosset, Paul-Aymar Mourgue d'Algue, New Humans, Nils Norman, Frederic Post, Seth Price, Wilken Schade & Co., Shirina Shabazi, Reena Spaulings, Kelley Walker.