Rochelle Goldberg

    New Worrrld Dealers, 2017

    Desert dirt, coal slag, oyster shell dust, plastic, and shellac 
    19.5 x 25.5 x 4.6 inches 
    Series of 20 unique works 


    Rochelle Goldberg's sculptures often combine ephemeral, organic elements, like crude oil and chia seeds, with synthetic materials such as ceramic, steel, or plastic. Molting and shape shifting, her work challenges the fixity of the art object. SculptureCenter presented the artist’s first solo institutional exhibition, The Plastic Thirsty, in 2016.


    In 2017, Rochelle Goldberg completed a series of unique works to be debuted by SculptureCenter at Frieze New York. New Worrrld Dealers comprises twenty identical plastic casts of a ceramic mask that were individually “painted” with desert dirt, coal slag, oyster shell dust, and shellac, reflecting the artist’s practice of contemplating encounters between multiple materials. Originally a series of twenty unique works, a very limited number remain available to add to your collection.


    Rochelle Goldberg was born in 1984 in Vancouver, Canada and lives and works in New York and Berlin. Goldberg has recently exhibited with the Aspen Art Museum (2020); Mother Culture, Los Angeles (2020); MO.CO. Panacée, Montpellier, France (2020); The Power Station, Dallas (2019); Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver (2019); Frieze Sculpture, Rockefeller Center, New York (2019); Federico Vavassori, Milan (2018); JTT, New York (2017); Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York (2016); and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2016), among others.


    Acquiring this or other artworks from SculptureCenter helps to support our exhibitions and programs to provide artists space to incubate ideas, experiment with materials, and present works that might have otherwise never been realized. Each edition in this series is a unique work. To view individual images or for more information, please contact