Valerie Snobeck

    Give Out, 2013

    Inverted Depression-era glass pitcher, conservation epoxy 
    8 x 5 x 5 inches 
    Series of 20 unique works (available in three colors) 

    Valerie Snobeck works as a deconstructionist, in both a Derridean and a hard-hat sense. In her studio, she holds in her hands a wide array of objects; some antiquated, some handmade, some manufactured, some personal, and some downloaded. She sees in these objects not their symbolic forms, but how they came into their current states of being. She sees the history of each object, recognizing social conditions, including the dominant role of women in domestic spaces and the corresponding industrialization of the country that gave us Depression-era glassware. The purpose of Snobeck's art is to shift and transform the objects before her so that we, as viewers, can also recognize that every object holds a trace of how it came to be. 


    Snobeck received her MFA from the University of Chicago in 2008. She has had solo exhibitions at Le Consortium, Dijon, France, and the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago. One of her breakthrough exhibitions was Vide-Poche at SculptureCenter in 2011. Snobeck was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial. 


    To purchase or inquire about a SculptureCenter Limited Edition, please contact Jillian Scott at or 718.361.1750 x 117.