Tania Pérez Córdova

    Generalization, 2023



    Expansive artistic practice that tests our perception of everyday objects, Generalization is Tania Pérez Córdova’s (born 1979, Mexico City) most comprehensive monograph to date, which features a selection of the artist’s oeuvre spanning the last 10 years. Conceiving her artworks as “events,” she creates sculptures, installations, and performances that consider the contextual relationships of everyday objects and create a vivid sense of time and space outside the gallery. Her quiet, contemplative works forgo the autonomy of things in favor of their integral role within a nexus. This bilingual publication presents different global perspectives from distinguished curators on the artist’s work, as well as comprehensive image documentation from institutional surveys in Mexico City, Chicago, and Basel, individual work plates, an artist text, a commissioned interview, and an index of works in the form of a glossary.



    Introduction by Humberto Moro. Texts by Magalí Arriola,
    Elena Filipovic, Humberto Moro and Tania Pérez Córdova. Interview by Jovanna Venegas.


    8 x 11 in. / 228 pages / 97 color.