Annual Fund Gift

    Sanford Biggers
    Just Us
    Mask with two layers of soft 100% brushed polyester
    7.25 x 4.62 inches
    Zip pouch printed on both sides 100% spun polyester
    8.5 x 6 inches
    Edition of 100

    To support SculptureCenter’s important work with artists, Sanford Biggers designed a limited edition face mask and coordinating pouch (edition of 100) inspired by his image Just Us. Make a gift to our Annual Fund today of $200 or more and receive your very own set. All proceeds go directly to support our operations, programs and exhibitions. Contributions are fully tax-deductible less $40 (value of goods).

    "In Just Us an image of a clouded sky is punctured with the words “Just Us" written in transparent font, filled with another cloud view. Just Us evokes both “justice” and highlights an unnamed group “us” and suggests the multifaceted and nuanced nature of the idea of Justice. Here the conflation of text and image questions notions of stability and consistency of meaning within language. The work, a photo printed vinyl billboard material, is laid upon the floor to collect the impressions and traces of visitors walking atop the work. The orientation of a sky image to the floor evokes the artist's long-standing interest in cosmology, symbolism and hidden meanings.

    Just Us, (or “justice”), is a reference to the great comedian Richard Pryor, who when speaking about the legal and prison systems in the southern states, has been known to say “… you go down there looking for justice, and that’s just what you find, just us”. In this context, Just Us presents the heavenly idealism of a society of equal individuals guaranteed protection on the wings of justice being trampled on by our inability to make good on the promise.

    Just Us is representative of my ongoing utilization of found and personally made objects, social justice, pop culture and historical references, texts and objects as material to create enigmatic, multilayered and multivalent works."

    - Sanford Biggers