OK Studio – Running Schedule

    Sep 23–Dec 11, 2023

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    OK Studio programs and event information will be updated here through the run of the exhibition. All events are free and open to the public. RSVP requested. (Updated Oct 23, 2023)

    Sat, Sep 23, 6–8pm
    Fall 2023 Openings

    Togar and friends run OK Studio on the public opening night of his exhibition Julian Abraham “Togar”: Too good to be OK.

    Wed, Oct 18, 7–9pm
    Electrolyte Night with Richard Nicol and Bri Dominique

    Richard Nicol and Bri Dominique rejoin Togar and OK Studio at SculptureCenter, continuing a collaboration initiated in early 2023.

    Richard Nicol is an electronic musician and the visionary founder of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. Born in 1974 in Pittsburgh, his passion for sound exploration led him to design innovative instruments that have redefined the boundaries of analog synthesis. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and sonic excellence, Richard has earned a reputation for pushing the envelope of modern, analog synthesizer technology. His creations have been embraced by musicians and producers worldwide, fueling their creativity and enabling them to craft unique musical worlds. As a musician, Richard's compositions embody patience and embrace the organic evolution of complex textures and patterns, showcasing the inherent beauty found in subtlety and intricately crafted sonic landscapes.

    Bri Dominique is a multi-instrumental songstress. She currently lives in New York where she performs experimental works based on improvisation and art pop music. She composes as well, mainly in orchestral form. Through experimental songwriting and raw exploration of ideas, Dominique continues to evolve into different interests constantly. Exploring electronic, baroque pop, alternative, and soul genres, Dominique combines these genres into her recorded and live performances.

    Sat, Oct 28, 2–8pm
    OK Studio Saturday: Film Program, Open Session, Album Launch

    2pm – The Beginning to Remember. Program of shorts by Indonesia- and New York-based filmmakers, organized by filmmakers Ladya Cheryl and Devon Narine-Singh. Ladya Cheryl is an actor and filmmaker. She has expanded from acting to directing since 2013 with her personal experimental short Vulgar. Devon Narine-Singh is a filmmaker, educator, and curator whose work explores personal expression via abstraction. Featuring films by Edwin, Erica Sheu, Kaila Chambers, Lulu Ratna, MM Serra, Nadia Mendieta, Robert Orlowski, and Tumpal Tampubolon.

    4pm – Open session. Join OK Studio for an afternoon jam session. Visitors are invited to bring their own instruments.

    6pm – Performance and album launch by Zeke Khaseli. Zeke Khaseli is an Indonesian-turned-New York musician. A film score composer who fronts a band called Zeke and the Popo, Khaseli is releasing his fourth solo album for the first time with SculptureCenter. He sings and plays all instruments on all of his albums.

    Nov 2, 7pm
    On Entre OK, On Sort KO with Christian Nyampeta

    Christian Nyampeta is an artist, musician, filmmaker, and writer. Nyampeta works in New York, London, the Netherlands, and Rwanda, where he convenes the Nyanza Working Group of ARAC—Another Roadmap School Africa Cluster.

    *This event coincides with the opening reception for In Practice: Isabel Mallet, 6–8pm.

    About OK Studio

    Julian Abraham “Togar”’s ongoing OK Studio (2020–present) is the core of his exhibition at SculptureCenter. OK Studio describes both a physical place for music and events and a more theoretical space concerned with the function of art in imagining what to do with public space. Set up in SculptureCenter’s lower level galleries, it is a participatory environment that offers visitors the chance to “co-exercise, co-experiment, co-instigate, co-investigate, co-practice, co-produce, co-distribute” what can be learned through active listening. Since its informal beginnings, the project has organically evolved and transformed with each iteration, making the studio, in the artist’s words, “an instrument with its own potentiality.”