SC Evenings
    Bill Bollinger: The Retrospective

    Sat, Jul 21, 2012, 5–7pm

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    This evening will feature a performance by Weyes Blood as well as a series of readings organized with Anna Knoebel co-founder of Abe's Penny. Writers Rachel Levitsky, Marina Temkina and Chris Girard will read original works inspired by the exhibition Bill Bollinger: The Retrospective.

    About Abe's Penny
    Recently included in a New York Times list of "scrappy literary journals" enjoying a renaissance, Abe's Penny is a lit mag paired down to the most essential elements: image and text. Each issue consists of one story divided into four parts and printed on postcards. "They are not photographs and they are not texts," The New Yorker says of Abe's Penny unique publishing style, "but a combination of both, tangible objects with a heft and significance of their own.