Temporary Walls

    Lauren Bakst and Yuri Masnyj

    Lauren Bakst & Yuri Masnyj, Temporary Walls, 2017. Performance, installation. Two-channel audio, wood, paper, plaster, metal, acrylic paint, ink, and graphite. 30 minutes; dimensions variable
    *This video documentation presents excerpts from a 30 minute performance. Video: Ben Hagari

    Working at the intersections of sculpture, drawing, and dance, Lauren Bakst & Yuri Masnyj have been building a shared practice since 2014. In Temporary Walls, a new installation and performance made specifically for SculptureCenter's basement, Bakst and Masnyj continue their consideration of interior space as a stage. Temporary Walls draws on and reconfigures a lexicon of abstracted actions, objects, and language in order to dislocate assumptions of function and form.