The University of Trash hosts:

    Sun, May 17, 2009, 3–6pm

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    Tender and true, nimble and mobile, our hand is wide open up, waiting for your touch on our Life Line. These roving FINGERS are anxious to take you to the back room gay vaudeville of yesteryear, a vision of caves and paradises we have imagined into reality. We bring you a night of performances in the struggle and the splendor of queertransfeminist bodies, a rainbow of hallucinated ahistorical reenactment. Our FINGERS act deftly, slight of hand and slight of weight, shadow games, palmistry and carpal feelings. We present a whole sordid smorgasbord of intuitive magical practice:

    Dewayne Slightweight's The Kinship Structure of Ferns, a 30-minute psychedelic solo opera with projected drawings, is a hermit's inquiry into the nature of kinship and it's collective hope and despair.

    Edie Fake rises up for The Count, vampiric gay tales from the crypt. A recounting of what his unearthly life has been below. An account of the ghost rivers that run beneath us. A 20-minute countdown of our times together until all the night candlelight is burnt. Tabulation. Reiteration. Reincarnation.

    Silky Shoemaker's Arranging the Object is a gladhanded play (with video) about the terrible weight of loving, knowing, and holding it in your arms,with inspiration drawn from late night radio, ecstatic camp, and Lily Tomlin(!)

    Owen Brightman does double duty, traveling lightly with two short pieces. Sado-Magical stages bondage escapism and rope tricks the finesse into knotty suspense. If your right leg should cause you to stumble is an harlequinade of stilted vignettes and gentle balance.

    Scott Tankersley delves deep in Hark the Haunted Hallways!, a 20 minute sonic excursion into the glorious, hungry catacombs of the (butt)hole.

    Joined at the wrist to the musical accompaniment of Jail, Vanessa and Megan, together as Learned Helplessness, a band, twangy and morose, out of tune. Pancake makeup.

    To you, from these FINGERS, a gift:
    Divine Extravagance, Scenic Overlooking, Farce, Fantasy, Fancy Facade, Cabarets of Decadence, Cabinets of Curiosity, Pastiche, Revelry, Oasis, Mirage.

    Metopia, Youtopia, Wetopia.
    You are in good hands!