Rafael Domenech in conversation with José Esparza Chong Cuy

    On April 9, 2020, artist Rafael Domenech was joined by José Esparza Chong Cuy, Executive Director and Chief Curator of Storefront for Art and Architecture on Zoom to discuss Domenech’s commission for SculptureCenter. Originally scheduled to take place within the exhibition Model to exhaust this place (SculptureCenter Pavilion), the conversation was rescheduled after the museum temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

    For his exhibition, Rafael Domenech created a large-scale modular installation in the ground floor gallery. Responding to the conditions of the exhibition space as a former trolley repair shop, Domenech used the building’s existing structure, in particular the tracks of an industrial gantry system, as a machine to produce and facilitate the work. Working with materials typically destined for construction sites, the work engaged with the urban vernacular of the rapidly growing neighborhood of Long Island City. Depending on the time and purpose of encounter with Domenech’s exhibition, the installation functioned simultaneously at multiple levels: as a sculpture, a decentered architectural model, a pavilion, and a venue for public programs and gatherings.