Book Launch: Matt Keegan’s 1996

    On Saturday, October 10, 2020 SculptureCenter hosted a book launch for Matt Keegan's 1996.

    Matt Keegan’s 1996 captures a pivotal time in American politics and society through the experience of artists who completed their undergraduate studies in that year, and others who were born in 1996 and voted for the first time in 2016. A wide-ranging set of essays and interviews focus on cultural and ideological shifts from that time, revisiting the 1994 Crime Bill, 1996 Immigration Act, the Telecommunications Act, the start of Fox News and beyond.

    This event included a screening of My Barbarian’s Counterpublicity, based on an essay by José Esteban Muñoz reprinted in 1996, followed by readings and discussion by Keegan, Dave McKenzie, Debbie Nathan, Dale Corvino, Michael Bullock, Svetlana Kitto, and Chitra Ganesh.

    1996 is published by Inventory Press and New York Consolidated and is available for purchase here.