How Does it Feel? Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture

    SculptureCenter's series of books titled Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture is a dedicated examination into what working sculpturally means today. This three-part book project takes an earnest look at what constitutes, excites, entangles, and necessitates ideas and questions around sculpture now. The second volume is titled How Does it Feel?and examines sensory aspects of contemporary sculpture that go beyond the visual. The publication circles sculpture?s affective range and bodily evocations.

    How Does it Feel? is co-published with Black Dog Publishing, London, UK and edited by Mary Ceruti and Ruba Katrib with contributions by: Tauba Auerbach, Alexander Dumbadze, Casey Jane Ellison, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Gelitin, Liz Glynn, Rochelle Goldberg, Ruba Katrib, Josh Kline, Adriana Lara, Lars Bang Larsen, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Chus Martínez, Jeanine Oleson, Magali Reus, Aki Sasamoto, Jenni Sorkin, Jennifer Teets, Anicka Yi, and Mika Yoshitake.

    This publication is available through the SculptureCenter bookstore.