False Flag, 2017

    False Flag occupied a shuttered foundry that engaged in legitimate fabrication for many years, but made headlines in 2014 when former foundry owner Brian Ramnarine was convicted in federal court of forgery on an audacious scale. The name False Flag comes from the forged Jasper Johns Flag sculpture at the center of the scandal that finally brought down the enterprise.

    The publication includes a text outlining Ramnarine™s rise and fall in the art world, how False Flag acquired the space, and full color photographs of exhibitions and performances by the following artists:

    Maria Anwander, Brent Birnbaum, Michael Childress, Megan Cotts, Matias Cuevas, Jen Catron & Paul Outlaw, Alessandra Duarte, Alex Ebstein, Benjamin Edmiston, Emilie Gossiaux, Billy Jacobs, Asif Mian, Carol Peligian, Andrew Ross, Lauren Seiden and Cuevas Tilleard.