Morse Collection Visit

    Tue, Feb 9, 2010, 6:30–7:30pm

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    Join us for a very special visit to the private collection of Barbara and Howard Morse. Barbara and Howard are passionate and informed collectors and patrons who were early supporters of Cady Noland, John Miller, Andrea Fraser and others. They rehang the collection in the Manhattan apartment regularly and this installation revolves around themes of seriality, appropriation, and representation and features work by Tom Burr, Ann Collier, Michael Krebber, Klara Liden, Josephine Pryde, and Seth Price among others.

    Tom Burr, propped perfume (detail), 2008. Plywood, paint, steel hinges, steel thumbtacks, vintage magazine ads, feather boa, steel cable, 73" x 54" x 100".