Tishan Hsu, Kelly Akashi, and Matthew Ronay

    "We, humans under the influence of technology, are desperately trying to recapture a feel for our skin, to be reembodied, to prove that we are still here." Matthew Ronay writes in a recent Artforum essay on Tishan Hsu. "But perhaps we aren’t here any longer. We’ve dominated nature completely, and now we’re running a simulation. There is a harmony between the body and the mind somewhere, but not in Hsu’s works, which feel so accurate to me because harmony is so hard to find. His art is not pessimistic; it just offers a humbled perspective—a seductive warning."

    On October 22, 2020 artists Kelly Akashi and Matthew Ronay joined Tishan Hsu in conversation on the occasion of his exhibition at SculptureCenter. The conversation was moderated by exhibition curator Sohrab Mohebbi.