74 million million million tons

    Shadi Habib Allah, George Awde, Carolina Fusilier, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Hiwa K, Nicholas Mangan, Sean Raspet, Susan Schuppli, Daniel R. Small, and Hong-Kai Wang

    Operating at the limits of human perception and detectability, the artists in 74 million million million tons create a new visual lexicon by which those at the threshold of politics can emerge: the refugee, the robot, the environment, and others on the outskirts of legality. Directly intervening in the moments before events coalesce into knowledge and narrative, the artists in the exhibition anticipate and account for a variety of human (and non-human) subjectivities by measuring, documenting, and observing instances of that which is not yet widely known or accepted. Catalog includes converation between curators Ruba Katrib and Lawrence Abu Hamdan.

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