Between You and Me

    Between You and Me

    Sep 12–Nov 29, 2004

    Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock, Harrell Fletcher, Marit Følstad, Tom Johnson, Christof Migone, Shannon Plumb, and Kerry Tribe
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    Between You and Me makes viewers into witnesses of short video soliloquies in the intimate privacy of isolated viewing areas. Varying from secret, silent moments, confessional meditations, to spoken monologues, the selected videos each address their onlookers directly, asking for a personal audience of only one at a time.

    The exhibition is installed on pre-existing concrete shelves in one of the museum's lower-level galleries, in a long corridor space measuring only three feet wide. The physical exhibition space prohibits viewers from moving farther than three feet away from the monitors, a forced proximity that amplifies the intimate nature of the works and our relationship to them. Between You and Me distances itself from interactive impulses and unfolding cinematic storylines, presenting monologues rather than dialogues.

    Between You and Me traveled to Arthouse in Austin, TX in March of 2005.


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