Banu Cennetoğlu

    In her wide ranging cross-disciplinary practice, Banu Cennetoğlu uses objects, images, texts, and printed matter to continuously scrutinize, contemplate, and question the position of the artist/individual vis-à-vis and within the complex geopolitical conditions of our time. Cennetoğlu’s exhibition at SculptureCenter – her first in a U.S. institution – includes a new moving image work that presents the totality of the artist’s visual archive from June 10, 2006 to March 21, 2018. The film comprises 128 hours and 22 minutes of still images and videos sourced from various devices in an unedited stream of content. Cennetoğlu refers to the work as an “introspective” that brings together scattered, fleeting moments of a life lived, from the birth of her daughter to moments of political upheaval and protest; documentation of her artistic practice; to banal footage of everyday life. By tying together personal and public archives, Cennetoğlu’s work not only reinforces the maxim that the personal is political, but insists that it is also and inevitably the other way around.

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