Scott Lyall:
    the little contemporaries

    Scott Lyall: the little contemporaries

    Sep 9–Nov 25, 2007

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    Scott Lyall's artistic practice is grounded in research into the relationships between graphic processes, sculptural display, and the design legacies of conceptualism. He has pursued experimentation through works on paper and in writings, as well as large-scale exhibitions featuring work in various media. Most recently, his work has focused on forms of performance notation, and the transformative layers imposed on works of art when they are documented.

    For his exhibition at SculptureCenter, Lyall's point of departure was a collaboration with the New York-based dancer and choreographer, Maria Hassabi. Hassabi approached Lyall about collaborating on a new dance performance after seeing an installation of his work in 2006. Having little knowledge about the conditions and criteria of current dance, Lyall reviewed a set of videotapes made by Hassabi at her rehearsals, eventually transposing the information into figures and linear diagrams. These diagrams traced a map of the shape of the dance performance and were used to design a set of elements that could be placed on stage as visual marks for the dancers.


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