The Volume

    Kim Brandt

    Kim Brandt, The Volume, 2017. Performance. Duration variable.
    *This video documentation provides a condensed and accelerated view of one afternoon of the full exhibition-length performance.

    Kim Brandt's exhibition-length work The Volume examines the intersection of body and form, and evades the conventional temporal structures that frame performance, instead operating in a mode of continued and evolving presence alongside the other works in the exhibition. The work takes on a cyclical and accumulative format over the course of SculptureCenter's weekly open hours, exploring the relationships between a component to its whole, the solo body to the ensemble, the cellular to the astronomical. Dancers carried out daily solos that expanded into a group form on Saturdays.

    Performed by Anna Adams Stark, Lydia Adler Okrent, Liz Charky, Meg Clixby, Jessica Cook, Courtney Cooke, Leslie Cuyjet, Katie Dean, Greer Dworman, Ayano Elson, Kay Ottinger, Nora Stephens, and Tara Willis.