Sat, Jun 25, 2016, 5–9pm

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    HOLDING SPACE, SculptureCenter's new three-part summer music series, will bring together artists and musicians from the cutting edge of music production for outdoor concerts organized by guest programmer Sam Hillmer. Tickets to each performance are $10 each, including one complimentary beverage. Lineups are subject to change.

    HOLDING SPACE 6/25 will feature:
    Tobias Wilner/Djibril Toure/Federico Ughi/Daniel Carter
    Hiro Kone
    DJ Earl B2B Suzi Analogue
    Further events in the series:

    In relation to SculptureCenter's mission and exhibition program, HOLDING SPACE treats the social as material. Music, performance practice, and the communities that surround these activities engender differing social spaces, all of which can be seen as kinds of material with different properties and attributes. Hillmer's curatorial strategy seeks to push these materials, and this metaphor, to their thresholds, setting social spaces against one another in particularly jagged juxtapositions.

    This curated program features musicians, bands, DJs, and producers whose work builds on SculptureCenter's dedication to experimental and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture and interdisciplinary art, presenting exciting lineups of vanguard acts across musical genres. They will perform in SculptureCenter's courtyard.

    Sam Hillmer (aka Diamond Terrifier), the co-founder and director of programming at the Queens-based outsider music venue Trans-Pecos and a veteran of New York's underground music scene, is a musician, artist, and curator living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the creator of the seminal Brooklyn noise band/chamber ensemble ZS; the You Are Here Festival (aka the maze), which he conceives and produces with his visual art duo Trouble; and Representing NYC, the youth hip hop moniker that has released records for The Fly Girlz and Nine 11 Thesaurus on True Panther Sounds and The Social Registry respectively. He has run weekly and monthly music parties across the city; and is a founding member of the ensemble, composers' group, and presenting organization Wet Ink. He performs extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Ben Greenberg's Hubble project feels like the jeweled shrine of a veteran road-worn head. Meditative, acute, and unrelenting, his gift to the listener is the expansion of the medium itself. Having cut his teeth in numerous bands such as Pygmy Shrews, ZS, and most recently with The Men, Greenberg has been fostering and cultivating his own unique reexamination of the the guitar as an instrument, resulting in a minimalist and truly psychedelic whirlwind of notes. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Hubble appearances are rare and highly commanding. A collaboration with likeminded locals Amen Dunes (Sacred Bones Records) and the recent addition of Greenberg's own vocals have demonstrated the flexibility of the Hubble concept, not just a sonic end but a modular approach that is able to inhabit and transcend genre and expectation. Like pouring moonshine into the pond of an inner city park, Hubble is a memory, a ritual, and a celebration - hyper-instinctual and definitively American.

    Federico Ughi is a drummer and composer based in New York. Federico Ughi's music infuses the New York avant-garde sound with a sense of melody inspired by the Italian classical and folk traditions of his childhood in Rome. Ornette Coleman has been a major influence for Federico as well as a mentor. Born in Rome, Italy, Federico relocated to London at age 21 to play music, from there moving to New York in 2000 again to play music. He has been based in Brooklyn, NY ever since. He has performed or recorded with Daniel Carter, William Parker, The Cinematic Orchestra, Blue Foundation, among others. Federico Ughi has performed throughout Italy, the UK, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, China, Mexico, Canada, and the US.

    Daniel Carter is a writer, composer, multi-reed/trumpet/piano player, who, for more than five decades, has sought out people, situations, dimensionalities, that encourage free artistic, political, philosophical, and spiritual, expression/life. He has performed and/or recorded with Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Yoko Ono, Roy Campbell, Anne Waldman, Federico Ughi, Djibril Toure, Tobias Wilner, Matthew Shipp, Devin Waldman, William Parker, Yo La Tengo, WAKE UP!, Sean Lennon, Sam Rivers, Thurston Moore, Ambrose Bye, Hamid Drake, Sabir Mateen, Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, and many others.

    Tobias Wilner (Bichi & Blue Foundation) - Laptop
    Djibril Toure - Bass
    Federico Ughi (577 Records) - Drums
    Daniel Carter - Saxophones and trumpet

    Hiro Kone is Nicky Mao, a New York City-based musician and producer. Her full-length LP Love Is the Capital is due out late summer 2016 on Geographic North. In 2014, she released two EPs back to back. The Unmoved Mover (Group Tightener), seen as an extension of her previous self-titled EP (Bitterroots, 2012), envisioned the factions and movements in the human psyche and soul from an indivisible prime source, while Fallen Angels (Geographic North) sourced Mao's earliest memories of childhood in Hong Kong, repurposing vibrant fragments of the past through a disorienting array of sonic imagery.

    Hiro Kone has participated in several collaborations, including a live score for Cinema 16 at The International House of Philadelphia (2012), A Raga for Moog and Violin with Arp, and for David Van Tieghem x 10 Fits and Starts (RVNG Intl, 2013). Currently, she is mixing and completing a collaborative album with Drew McDowall (Compound Eye, Coil).

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