Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit
    SculptureCenter, 2021

    Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit is the New York based artist’s first museum survey exhibition in the United States. Already in the mid-1980s Hsu was creating works that considered the implications of the accelerated use of technology and artificial intelligence and their impact on the body and human condition. His work is distinct from well-documented approaches to art making in the 1980s, differing from appropriation tendencies and the use of direct popular culture references on one hand and Neo-geo and new-abstraction approaches on the other. Yet Hsu’s work still takes on minimalist legacies in its reduced forms, and also processes the textures and colors of screens and other aesthetic clues of the emergent information age. The exhibition traces Hsu’s key ideas and demonstrates how they clearly resonate in the works of younger artists coming of age today.

    The catalog includes a conversation between Tishan Hsu and Sohrab Mohebbi and essays by Jeannine Tang and Brian Kuan Wood.