Past Exhibitions

September 9 - November 25, 2007

Jeppe Hein: Illusion


Illusion, a solo exhibition by Jepp Hein, includes a new major work, 360 Illusion, created specifically for SculptureCenter's dramatic central space and four works from the series, Modified Social Benches. Hein's work focused on problematizing the traditional relationships between sculpture, viewer, and environment. Illusion is produced through SculptureCenter's acclaimed Artist-in-Residence program.

360 Illusion is comprised of two mirrors, each approximately six by sixteen feet, connected at a 90 angle and hung from the ceiling. Initially, the installation mirrors its surroundings and dissolves into the space. However, the double reflection, produced by the two connected mirrors, creates a reflection within the reflection and as the mirrors slowly rotate, the two reflections appear to rotate at different speeds. 360 Illusion directly subverts and displaces the physical and psychological experience of the viewer, simultaneously addressing the limitations as well as the possibilities inherent in the act of looking.

Jeppe Hein, 360 Illusion, 2007. Two 16.5' x 6.5' panels, angled at 90. Motor, iron, aluminum structure, mirror foil. 


Interview with Jeppe Hein