We Burn, We Shiver.

    We Burn, We Shiver.

    Sep 7–Nov 30, 2008

    Martin Boyce and Ugo Rondinone
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    A sculptural conversation between two artists, We Burn, We Shiver. features newly created works by Martin Boyce and Ugo Rondinone. Both artists employ displacement as a method of unmooring the familiar from its specific time and place, resulting in a psychologically charged environment. Public and domestic spaces collide and the prosaic meets the romantic.

    Martin Boyce presents a suspended sculpture composed of standard fluorescent light fixtures in the form of a spider web. Measuring approximately forty by fifty feet, the piece will fill the entirety of SculptureCenter's ceiling space and hang twenty feet above the ground. Boyce has employed the web as a motif for several years, a form that references the urban grid and simultaneously suggests organic order, both possessing the ability to expand infinitely. The sculpture will diverge from an earlier version of the piece in that the web will be irregular, reflecting a broken grid.

    Ugo Rondinone presents several works cast in bronze and filled with lead including a fireplace and a river rock. The fireplace is cast from an existing 19th century fireplace and built into a free-standing wall. The exhibition employs displacement as a method to unmoor the familiar from a specific time and place in order to reveal a more psychologically charged state. A romantic image, the fireplace suggests an intimate, domestic space while Boyce's hard, cold fluorescents are indicative of commercial, public spaces. The shift in scale and orientation will create a dreamlike space that telescopes our experience of interior and exterior space.


    SculptureCenter's exhibitions and public programs are supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts and The Lily Auchincloss Foundation. We Burn, We Shiver is made possible in part with the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council. Special funding for We Burn, We Shiver. has been provided by a grant from The Henry Moore Foundation.