Reverberations: Presented through the In Practice program

    Park McArthur, Yve Laris Cohen, Joshua Churchill, Paul Clipson, Woody Sullender, and R. E. H. Gordon

    Embracing lengthy formats and quotidian content, Reverberations mines an inherent materiality within the ephemeral moments of dance, film, and sound. By stretching out, slowing down, or pausing time-based and performative mediums, this group of artists focuses on the sculptural properties of audio, light, and bodies. Often embracing "unwanted" signals and possible discomfort, these projects elucidate physical and social structures only to disrupt them. The newly commissioned performances in Reverberations were created for SculptureCenter's 2012-2013 In Practice program, and curated by Assistant Curator Kristen Chappa.

    Park McArthur and Yve Laris Cohen will create a performance for SculptureCenter's main gallery using the building's pre-existing sonic and structural features.

    R. E. H. Gordon will create an installation that investigates how infrastructure can create content and determine possible outcomes. Periodically activated by dance, Gordon's project articulates an in-between gender position through shifting roles of props and objects, while simultaneously investigating how the inclusion of live action affects our understanding of sculptural arrangements.

    Combining 8mm film with electronic and acoustic musical instrumentation, Joshua Churchill and Paul Clipson will perform two live collaborations. The artists will present densely layered collages of light and sound that activate the lower level galleries, incorporating chance juxtapositions.

    Woody Sullender will present an evolving sonic environment requiring improvisation by both the artist and audience to create new structures and navigate social roles. Sullender will incorporate a variety of plinths and materials from SculptureCenter's galleries, amplifying existing frequencies in an exploration of the architecture and site outside of convention.

    SculptureCenter's In Practice program supports the creation and presentation of new work by emerging artists and reflects diverse approaches to contemporary sculpture. Artists are selected through a call for proposals and are provided with an honorarium, production budget, fabrication and installation assistance, as well as invaluable curatorial and administrative support. This year SculptureCenter received over 800 applications from artists worldwide.

    Video edited by Lauren Smith